MIX ATOM: Sneak Preview!

Dear All,

The brand new MIX ATOM design is due to pre-launch to Friends of PUMP on Tuesday, 3rd of March 2020!

What are MIX ATOM?

They are the brand new True Wireless Stereo headphones from PUMP Audio.

We’ve taken everything we’ve learnt about headphone design over the last 5 years and put that knowledge and experience into to a brand new PUMP “TWS” design!

What is TWS (True Wireless Stereo)?

True wireless means that that there is no cable between the two earpieces, and they synchronise perfectly in stereo, with no time delay between the two “channels”.

The first ever true wireless earphones were developed back in 2015 by a Japanese company called Onkyo, and shortly after Apple made the market pretty much their own with the 2016 launch of their “Airpods”.

Airpods were certainly revolutionary in bringing awareness of this new type of headphone to the World.

But as with all Apple headphones, they sounded flat and slightly tinny — just the opposite of what PUMP Audio headphones are all about!

Apples top spec (and expensive!) Airpods Pro next to MIX ATOM

Since then most major headphone manufacturers have come out with their own version of TWS headphones, but none of them have even got close to achieving the sound signature that we we need for PUMP Audio headphones.

So back in 2018 we started work on on “PUMP TWS”…

Whats the benefit of TWS headphones?

People like TWS headphones because (good ones) are extremely light, really comfortable, and you don’t really notice you’re wearing them — unlike with wired or more traditional wireless headphones.

Once you go over to MIX ATOM, it’s unlikely you’ll want to go back to wired or older style wireless headphones again, because the feeling of wearing them is just nicer. Somehow you feel more free when you’re moving around…


MIX ATOM uses Bluetooth V5.0 Technology.

They’re compatible with Siri and Google Assistant etc… as well as having a whole host of other features…

Battery Life

They weigh just 4 grams each, but still give 4 hours+ playtime on each charge.

There is also more than 75 hours of standby time.

Important note about battery life:

Many brands (usually small “unknown” brands) tend to make big — and frankly untrue! — claims about the battery life of their TWS headphones.

These brands tend to state the *maximum* battery life under certain conditions — generally achieved by listening to “light weight” sound, at a relatively low volume.

Larger manufacturers tend not to do this so much, because they care deeply about their brand reputation — as do we!

For example BOSE’s SoundSport 3 (nearly 3x the price of ATOM!) claims a fairly realistic 5 hours of battery life.

And Sennheiser’s Momentum True Wireless (more than 4x the price of ATOM!) don’t seem to make any claim on battery life, although What Hifi puts it at 4 hours …the same as MIX ATOM.

It seems that even industry giant Sony may ‘exaggerate’ the battery life of their WF-1000X (more than 3x the price of ATOM!), claiming 6 hours. What Hifi claim have tested it to be more like 3 hours:

The bottom line is MIX ATOM’s battery life is extremely good when compared to models costing several times the price. And it’s very likely to be as good or better than “unknown” brands offering “8 hours battery life” who prefer to stretch the truth to get a one-off sale rather than over deliver.

The MIX ATOM Charging Case

ATOM also come with a small and extremely light charging case which has a built-in charging battery, so you can get up to 16 hours of playtime at decent volume without ever having to go and find a plug socket:

The MIX ATOM Charging Case

ATOM also have “intelligent off/off”, meaning that you don’t have to think about switching them on and off…

When you take ATOM out of their charging case, they instantly switch on and pair with your phone or music player.

And when you put them back — or just stop using them — they automatically switch off.

MIX Atom are sweat proof with IPX4 rating and can even endure heavy rain.

Combined with their lightness and comfort, this makes them great for the gym or exercise.

The Best Sounding TWS Headphones In The World?

But the party piece of MIX Atom is — just as with other PUMP Audio headphones — the SOUND.

PUMP TWS headphones have been a long time coming and our Friends have been asking for them for years now!

We started development with several factories which we thought were going to work out, but then couldn’t ultimately achieve the PUMP Audio sound quality.

But finally we’ve managed to put it all together and come up with what we believe will be the best sounding TWS headphones in the World.

They’re also going to be extremely price competitive… I think you’re going to be very surprised at the deal, especially with the 50% launch discount :-)

Get on the Earlybird List:

There will be just 500 sets available to Friends of PUMP in the Launch Promo.

The 500 sets will be available with a half price launch discount in return for pre-ordering.

I’d strongly advise getting on the Earlybird list if you want to be sure of securing your set when they go live on Tuesday 3rd March 2020.

You can get on the Earlybird list here:

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All the best,



  1. Gary   •   17/07/2020   •   

    Hi Adam,
    I’ve been using these Mix Atoms for a few weeks now and I have to say I’m impressed with the quality of sound. Now I mostly listen to music on my Naim Mu-So at home or in the car when working, the Mu-So is considerably better obviously in terms of quality of sound and delivery. I can honestly say the Mix-Atoms are as much a difference to any earphones I’ve used before, they really do stand out The bass is deep and the mid and treble are full and crisp. the fit straight out the box for me was perfect. plug in charge em and you’re away, simple. I just love them. One fairly innocuous point, their is nothing anywhere to tell anyone what product i’m wearing, a complete lack of advertising, Where is the orange flashing, model/company name or trade mark, they just don’t stand out as they should, not even on the charging box. Is there a reason?

  2. Lewis Bolf   •   21/04/2020   •   

    Any update on shipping date?

    1. Adam Blair   •   28/04/2020   •   

      Hi Lewis, apologies – for some reason we didn’t get notified of this comment. We are gunning for around 20th May :-) Just about to do an update on it!

  3. Len Barham   •   21/04/2020   •   

    Hi Adam
    We are now past mid April and although an order has been placed, other than a thank you not heard any more info about delivery. Why is this? And can you rectify this?

    1. Adam Blair   •   28/04/2020   •   

      Hi Len, apologies – for some reason we didn’t get notified of this comment (or Lewis’s comment above). I have forwarded your comment to Mem to reply to as a matter of urgency.

  4. Patara Chen   •   14/04/2020   •   

    Adam I’ve been emailing you guys regarding my order about the ATOMS but no response. Can you please get someone to reply. Thank you.

    1. Adam Blair   •   15/04/2020   •   

      Hi Patara

      Looking in to this now. Expect an email today. Thanks for alerting us!

  5. Ryan   •   07/03/2020   •   

    What are the technical specs?

  6. Michael Klawsnik   •   03/03/2020   •   

    Yo Adam its Mike siked. I had the original pumps wireless omg the bass was extreme best i have ever beard the were in orange when do you think they will be shipping out excited

    1. Adam Blair   •   04/03/2020   •   

      Hi Mike

      We’re targeting mid-late April, so pretty soon!

  7. RobH   •   29/02/2020   •   

    I was looking through the Bose Shop window in our local shopping centre, and saw people trying on their new sound specs, or whatever they call them.

    I couldn’t resist having a listen.

    The experience was interesting (not bad actually), but I clearly upset the sales adviser who was proudly showing them off.

    When I put them on, it struck me that the volume was way too low. However, when I cupped my palms over them at the same setting, the volume was unbearably loud.

    I asked him a deliberately leading question – how long does the battery last? From memory I think he said about 4 hours.

    So I put it to him that it might be twice that or more if Bose wasn’t wasting so much energy on what could only be referred to as gross sound leakage.

    He was somewhat taken aback, and said he’d not noticed how severe the leakage was until I showed him. To me it was unmissable.

    I just said “great idea, but needs further thought!”.

    It goes to show it’s not just what you’ve got on paper, it’s how it’s delivered. Sound leakage is an energy waste. Their leakage (or whatever else they might want to refer to it as) was massive.

    If you’re near a Bose Shop, check them out. To my mind they shouldn’t be on the shelves like that.

    I shudder to think what the person in the next aircraft seat might overhear!

  8. Rance Martin   •   27/02/2020   •   

    Will the Atom be able to use memory foam ear pads? I’m thinking they would seal better and, be more secure in the ears.

  9. Justine   •   27/02/2020   •   

    Are there any touch controls?

    Can one bud be used on its own?


  10. Roger   •   27/02/2020   •   

    Totall agree with what you say about battery life. I bought some cheap ones on amazon about 6 months ago. Stated battery life 8 hours. More like 2 if you’re lucky! I’ll be upgrading to your ones as soon as they go live, been waiting for these for ages!

  11. Liam   •   26/02/2020   •   

    Cant wait for these!!!!

  12. Frantz   •   26/02/2020   •   

    Vous dites que les écouteurs Atom sont les meilleurs et vous les comparez aux AirPods Pro. Sont-ils équipés de la réduction de bruit ?

    1. Adam Blair   •   27/02/2020   •   

      Hi Frantz, we should qualify that really. We don’t use ANC in ATOM because 1) the cost would have to be a lot higher and 2) we didn’t really see the point. PUMP headphones are all about offering the best *sound*, with comfort and usability second and we don’t give much attention to what we see as more “gimmicky” features such as ANC. I appreciate that some people like ANC but we’ve always found it pretty pointless every time we’ve tested it with our in ear headphones because of the passive noise isolation. Adam

  13. Kennie   •   25/02/2020   •   

    On sale 1st March at Lidl, Skull Candy, £29.99, this is a similar looking bluetooth earbud item; I’m sure this item can’t compete on Spec, but what about the price of the Mix Atom ?

    1. Adam Blair   •   25/02/2020   •   

      Hi Kenny

      I’d advise you to order both and then decide for yourself. We’ve tested TWS headphones from many, many different manufacturers and none of them get *close* to the sound we’ve been able to achieve :-) As for price, you’ll have to wait until launch day I’m afraid!

  14. Bryan Dubai   •   25/02/2020   •   

    Loved the over ears I fly a lot and they keep out baby noise on all levels. Titan speaker is great very happy so looking forward to Atom …will buy 2 pairs at launch as my son in Essex also loves your products! Let’s rock!

    1. Adam Blair   •   27/02/2020   •   

      :-) Awesome Bryan!

  15. Mark   •   25/02/2020   •   

    Have you tested these for people that want to use for the gym.being sweat proof is great but what is going to stop them falling out !.have not had one pair of buds from you that didn’t come out

    1. Adam Blair   •   25/02/2020   •   

      Hi Mark. Everyone has different ear shapes. Have you tried the memory foam and sports eartips before? Obviously we can’t *guarantee* they won’t come out if your ears don’t “agree” with our headphones but I think it’s likely you’ll be pleasantly surprised. MIX ATOM come with a 90 day trial so you can see for yourself risk free :-)

      1. Drw Cannon   •   27/02/2020   •   

        The sports tips are brilliant, I run 3 times a week with them on my wireless pump earphones and they have never fallen out.

  16. Mike   •   25/02/2020   •   

    Like I said Adam, I initially was “pumped” to hear about these, but given that there is literally SO MUCH competition for tws, I won’t be going for these, as battery life just would end up frustrating me.
    Check out enacfire E18 plus for an example, with on average,a 7-8 hour battery life

    1. Adam Blair   •   25/02/2020   •   

      Hi Mike, there is a big difference between *claimed* battery life and *actual* battery life… :-)

    2. Adam Blair   •   27/02/2020   •   

      Hi again Mike. Just had a further look at the model you mentioned and it states “5-hour playtime for Android” and 8 hours on iOS. It’s really important to remember that other manufacturers state the *maximum* battery life, listening to “light weight” sound and a relatively low volume. ATOM could certainly last for 8 hours under the conditions that this model was likely tested at. Perhaps wrongly, we like to under promise on battery life because there are many variables including volume and crucially what is being listened to. If you are able to, I’d challenge you to order both (using the 90 day trial) and then report back which is better :-) Cheers, Adam

  17. Micke H   •   25/02/2020   •   

    How about The mic, is it working to satifaction?
    I have tryed a couple of inear and The mic doesnt work ro get me satisfied.

    1. Adam Blair   •   25/02/2020   •   

      Hi Micke, I assume you mean for phone calls? It’s good :-)

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