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by Paul on Pump Audio
Product: 1639

Got my Zeus v3's on Friday and haven't taken them off since. Superb packaging, quality of build and materials and of course the main one....sound!The sound quality is second to none whether it's high or low there's no loss in quality or depth of tone, so much so by Saturday my other half also wanted a pair, so just had to get another set.Buy now, you won't find better!!

by Lee on Pump Audio
Zeus v3
Product: 1639

Received yesterday.... When I finally got them from their well secure packaging my missus said "more headphones??"Yes they are headphones but unlike any others I've purchased over the years apart from my pump mix and my pump mix duo's. (Yes I'm a headphone whore)10mins into Spotify headphone/audiophile playlist the same missus said I was smiling like a spoilt kid at Christmas.If you're at this website looking through the reviews you're here for a reason. Stop reading and just get them bought you will not be disappointed.

by Timothy Hay on Pump Audio
Best Sound Quality
Product: 1639

I picked up some Zues V3 and now I can't put them down. The sound quality is amazing. I brag about them and show them all to everyone I come across. One of my friends makes his own music and he said he would switch from Bose and Beats to the Zues because of their superior Quality.

by Robert on Pump Audio
Expectations exceeded.
Product: 1639

I get the feeling that these are geared more towards dance/electronic music which is not a main part of my musical listening. I really love the way these guys go about things though and was keen to have a crack as I love my in-ear Pumps.My initial thought when I opened the packaging was that they were maybe a bit cheap feeling. This is not the case though. They are lightweight feeling headphones and the build quality is excellent. Sinking heart recovered...I have a few go to songs I whack on when trying out new headphones. The first is always New Noise by Refused. The second in this instance was The Bloody Beetroots, Run. Probably more in the demographic of what these headphones have been designed for. Both songs sounded unbelievable. I am far from an audiophile. If I like it I like it. If I don't I don't. I can't tell you why though. Much like my wine.The best way that I can describe the sound that you get from these is 'Massive.' it is an all-encompassing sound that seems to place you smack bang in the middle of this orb of noise. It's actually quite overwhelming in a satisfying way.I'm about to get on a plane to head from Melbourne to Manchester in 4 days time. I hate flying, but I honestly cannot wait to get on board, settle down, and get these on my ears for some proper me time.If you are on the fence as to whether to try these I recommend that you do. I'm sure if you have any issues they will look after you but I would be amazed if you are in any way disappointed. I cannot comment as to how these might compare to massive money headphones but in terms of value for money I seriously think you will be hard pushed to find better.

by Paul Cookson on Pump Audio
Product: 1639

Wow amazing quality at any level, what you get for your money is outstanding.A must have for music lovers. SUPERB

by Bill on Pump Audio
Pump up the Music
Product: 1639

I have collection of headphones that I've acquired over the years for a variety of listening needs. The Zeus 3 has everything I need under one roof!!! Clarity & very tight bass do it for me, no matter what the music genre or movie I'm engaged in.Hats off & Best Regards....Well done!!!

by Craig Bennett on Pump Audio
Great sound and Versatile
Product: 1639

Received my Set of Zeus 3 last week and did a plane trip to Cairns and back (2 hours each way). Listened to a range of music, watched movies and did work phone calls on them while in Cairns. The clarity across all formats was fantastic and although it isn't promoted, the microphone and clarity on the phone was awesome as well. Loved listening to music and movies and they performed wonderfully well and didn't have to charge them again till I got home. Very happy.

by Dan on Pump Audio
Product: 1639

PreOrdered months ago because I trust and respect Pump. Received them recently and so not disappointed. I have a head like a Labrador, but with the thinner ear pads, the cans are still really light on my ears. And the sound, the same excellence that I expect from Pump. Deep, accurate crystal bass, and super clear and reactive. Loving my Zeus. Just wish I could have got it in grey and orange.

by Bob Badwal on Pump Audio
Great and Comfortable
Product: 1639

Pre Ordered Zeus V3 a few months ago and received them recently. Well worth the wait.Very comfortable on the ear as I do find with a lot of them that if you wear them for a long time my ears go numb. Might be just me but these are fine. The sound is also great and clear and plenty of base which is clear and not distorted.I feel like a professional making this review but believe me I'm just a normal guy who thinks these are worth the money.I charged them up and used them wirelessly and the battery seemed to last for ages. The only thing that I can say that people may criticise is it does look a tad big but hey who its the sound that you get that counts for me. Highly recommended

by Jonathan on Pump Audio
Teenage kicks
Product: 1639

Well I would love to say that since receiving my Zeus headphones I hadthoroughly enjoyed listening to my numerous playlists andTV shows etc, but I can't.....why? may ask... well I didmanage to use them for about 10 minutes and thoroughly enjoyed what Iheard. Then my teenage son discovered them and since then Ihaven't had chance to use them. So I asked him what he thought. He proceeded to tell me what he thought.Firstly the battery life, he thinks is excellent having used other makes such as the ones made by a certain Voice judge that ran out after a couple of hours. He has listened to playlists numerous times and hasn't had to charge them. So excellent.Secondly the sound according to him is amazing, from what I heard I can concur. He said that the range is fantastic from the deepest bass to the higher tones of certain singers he likes. He has also commented on how clear they are and the fact that there is no distortion of sound even at full volume. In terms of connectivity he has been sat in the lounge whilst connected to his phone in his bedroom with no loss or dropout of sound.Styling wise I love them, very handy having the extra ear pads are a great addition. They are a bit bulkier than other headphones on the market, and I would love to have seen them in the charcoal and orange that I ordered but the black looks good.Overall I would say that these are the best headphones that I have had the opportunity to use. Both my son and I have quite a range in music taste and they all sound amazing. I can't recommend these headphones high enough. Definitely buy these you will not be sorry.

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