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Pump Audio
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by Derek on Pump Audio
Product: Pump Atom

I own everything apart from the original zeus that pump have made,and when i heard these were coming out I must admit i was very hesitant.
Im not a fan of buds and brought these on the premise of giving a set each to my kids. much as i love my kids....they can do one.
These are going to be my new goto headphones in certain circumstances.
I use to wear my zeus to the gym,and whilst they sound amazing they are just to big.
These will be my gym and walking headphones from now on.
Whilst they are loud they are not overpowering,no distortion on full volume.
So now i have my Titan for the garden,my Zeus for bed and now .y Atom for exercise....just need the soundbar now

by Jonathan Burridge on Pump Audio
Titan delivers

How can I review this speaker?.... Since it's arrival my teenage son unboxed and paired it with his phone and has been using it daily to listen to music,TV programs and films.

He has told me that it's basically awesome,the sound is amazing with such a great response across a huge range from the deepest bass to treble.

I have managed to get hold of it for about 10 minutes. The build quality is excellent. No cheap buttons or dodgy finish. It feels a quality bit of kit. So easy to pair to my phone and the sound I can confirm is amazing.....not that I would expect anything less from Pump. There is no distortion even at full volume,bass is just stunning such depth of sound,can't think of another speaker that sounds half as good.

If you're looking for a portable speaker then don't bother looking at other inferior brands,get your hands on one of these but keep it away from your children,you could always buy two or get them an inferior one just so you have the best on the market.

by Rance Martin on Pump Audio
Awesome Bass Responce!
Product: Pump Titan

The Titan has awsome bass responce. I was very impressed by the sound. I actually discovered that i get more bass responce by facing theTitan away from me and, listening from the back of it. The bass is even stronger. Also, it was very easy to pair with my phone. I am very satisfied with the Titan. And, glad i got an earlybird discount.

by Ridz on Pump Audio
Product: Pump Titan

Pump always doesn't disappoint. Great design, amazing sound and easy to use controls. Fast connection thru Bluetooth as well, I'm so impressed and very happy! Thank you!
Much love from Singapore

by Bernd on Pump Audio
Product: Titan

I am stunned! not by the sound, because everything from PUMP sounds always fantastic (as I learned in the years), but the look and feel! where the Zeus were lacking behind a little bit, the Titan DELIVERS! the buttons and the whole housing looks and feels so high quality, I am stunned!

by Steven Blair on Pump Audio

Well made good sound and easy to use my kids now want one now we’ll done pump audio

by Mark Wade on Pump Audio
Packing a Pump...Punch

The package awaited me on my return and was excited to unpack. The TITAN is a good size, feels reassuringly sturdy and weighty and looked good. But the real test was to come. Instantly linked to one phone and changed very quickly to another without any fuss - great tone, warm sound, weighty bass and clear sound. The fact my 19yr old daughter and friend have already "borrowed" it tells you everything you need to do. Well done Pump on getting there and coming up with a great product.

by Bill on Pump Audio
Great sound
Product: Pump Titan

Great sounding speaker, easy pairing and NFC a bonus. Will be using this a lot.

by John on Pump Audio
Product: Titan

Just took delivery of this naughty mini speaker. Had to check its bass (in the only way I truly know how) with a gentle go of Roni Size 'Brown Paper Bag'. I can only say.... wow. To steal a line from Human Trilaffic 'this could turn Hare Krishna into a bad boy'. Its so very sweat, thumping and clean. To say I'm enjoying it is an understatement!

by Steve Burnett on Pump Audio
Beautiful sound!
Product: Pump Titan

Delivered earlier than expected.. very nicely packaged.. easy to pair and use.. sounds fantastic.. what's not to like! 5 stars from me!

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