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by Jayme on Pump Audio
The bass
Product: 844

Im a big fan of pump, i own zeus , pure , boom and thanks to the offer i own a set of mix duo and they are absolutely fabulous. Cant recommend these headphones enough

by Stal on Pump Audio
Product: 177

Everything about these headsets screams HIGH QUALITY and PROFESSIONAL from the great packaging down to the headsets themselves. Extra ear buds and the compact stowaway zippable holder. Fantastic sound quality. Absolute bargain at the price, can't recommend them enough. Thank you guys at pump..

by Del on Pump Audio
Not an expert
Product: 844

Started off with a set of pure and absolutely bloody love them.
Unfortunately I can't wear in ear headphones as they keep falling out but have brought 2 sets of duo and 1 set of mix for my kids and they love they are teenagers they have headphones in nearly all day.
I have tried them myself and the sound is out of this world...the base just rocks.

by Jamie on Pump Audio
What a product
Product: 178

Never bought anything from Pump Audio before and stumbled across an ad on Twitter. Signed up for their newsletter as I’m always a bit dubious about random ads.

They had a special weekend price drop and I thought I’d give them a try as they were selling the in ear headphones for silly money.

Few days later they arrived in a brightly coloured parcel.

The packaging the headphones are in is very good quality and looks very ‘high end’ this goes for the headphones themselves. Well made, quality build.
Most importantly the sound quality is EXCELLENT!! All this AND a five year warranty for a bargain price!!

Sorry for the essay but I can’t help but HIGHLY recommend this product!!

by Hanne Utby on Pump Audio
Great sound, funky design
Product: 844

I ordered yet another headset from pump. The quality of the sound is awesome, I love the funky orange look, and what I love about the duo design is that it makes it possible to listen wireless, but at the same time if it runs out of battery you can keep playing your music. Love my pumps, and personally have one set of each

by Steven on Pump Audio
Product: 178

Great sound quality, comfortable fit, nice packaging.

I paid £26 for the mix's in a promo, which is a total bargain.

by Edward Azevedo on Pump Audio
Product: 178

Is one of the best earphones I have bought before.
The quality bass of music is WOW I can’t imagine.
Is one the best product worth to own if you often listen
music with it. I’ve bought BOOM x2 & MIX x2 to my family,
they also loved it at all

by Justine Hughes on Pump Audio
Returning customer.
Product: 177

I was lucky enough to win the V2 around 2 years ago and I fell in love. When they broke (my fault) the only reason I didn't purchase again was because I got a great deal on the B&O Play H3, £30 instead of £130.

As good as that deal was I was immediately disappointed but decided to stick with them. When I got an e-mail from Pump Audio offering reduced prices I couldn't resist and got the PUMP Mix. They are so much better than the B&O Play and I'm really please to have the great sound of Pump Audio back.

I've tried a lot of headphones over the years and these are by far my favourite.

by Ryan on Pump Audio
Made me an Audiophile
Product: 178

Granted, I'm not a total audiophile by any means - I really didn't understand what the big deal was with better audio until I got a pair from Pump. Started with their v2, then got the MIX and just ordered the Duo. After hearing the quality of these, every other pair I've ever had pails in comparison. I literally can't listen to any other earphones anymore because they all sound like crap. I even bought a nice pair of Sennheiser HD280 Pro over the ear headphones and I like the Pump earbuds better.

by peter on Pump Audio
pump up the sound with the best
Product: 844

with out the best sound of any ear phones i have ever purchased, i bought 2 pairs of the pump mix duo , one for my wife and and for me, i can"t recommend these ear phones enough, all together i have 5 different sets of pump ear phones and head phones. may i give a special mention of the excellent customer service their promise of 100%customer service is absolutely true, i was sent the wrong pair of ear phones by mistake, i let the team at pump know and boom i sent the ear phones i purchased and told to keep the other pair in good faith by the team at pump, so from me it's five stars and 100% customer satisfaction

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