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Pump Audio
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 by Karen
Amazing bass, good quality and great value
Product: Mix Atom

I have tried a number of wireless headphones but none compare to the Mix Atom my first purchase from Pump Audio. The bass sound is amazing exactly what I've been looking for. The guys at Pump were very helpful and quick to respond when my order had not arrived. Enjoying my new purchase every day great sounds thank you.

 by BakaShin
Review For Mix Atom..
Product: Mix Atom

Hmm The Bass Is Very Good!! I Own Sony Wf-1000mx cannot compared the bass with mix atom...but i own the sabbat e12 the sabbat e12 bass also as good as mix atom can be comparable...the good on sabbat e12 is volume louder than mix atom... volume not loud enough as sabbat e12...hmm less one star for this... overall mix atom is a nice bass head user will like it...

 by William Forde
Perfect fit, sounds amazing
Product: Mix Atom earphones

I got these 5 days ago and they are really good. The sound is excellent for reviewing demos and fully mastered work. Great balance achieved. I love how they fit my ears! Its so hard to find ones that don't fall out for me and these are them (especially when a mask is pulling your ears forward).

I love the case and that it stores charge so you don't need to be be at a plug socket to get their power boosted.

Thank you so much guys. They are a treasured piece of kit! Highly recommended 🙏🙌

 by Rob H
Pump Atom is Superb!
Product: Pump Atom

I've just unwrapped a pair of Pump Atom true wireless IEs - my 9th Pump-Audio investment to date! These things may be small, but delivery is monstrous. To try and offer some perspective, they're rather like having a set of Pump V3 over-ear headphones INSIDE your ears. I've tried lots of wired and wireless earbuds, but most tended to be rather light on the bass, and too much of a muddled compromise. Not so Pump Atom! In common with everything Adam and the Team have produced over the years, the bottom-end definitely excels, but so too does the mid-range and top-end. On top of that, they connect easily, hold signal, and pack volume. In my case, they also fit the outer ear space very well indeed, and stay in during regular activity. Whatever your musical preference, they deliver. You might actually hear sounds you haven't noticed before, and be able to enjoy them without the need for messy cables, getting in the way.

 by Taylor Mathurin
Product: Pump Zeus V3

These V3 headphones fit nicely around my ears and the sound is absolutely terrific🙂 They connected easily to my Samung phone and my Macbook Pro Laptop .

I would urge all of you if your considering to definately buy these headphone , also they work great on my mixing set-up .

Thank you Pump.

 by Vanessa Gosbee

Oh my goodness I want to shout from the top of a mountain for everyone to hear, these are the BEST ever earbud headphones in the WORLD !
I’m 50% deaf so I always need the volume up quite high but these babies are SO clear that I use them on half volume. I love music, it’s in my soul so these have nourished my soul so beautifully. The base is nothing like I’ve ever heard before, so deep and pure, the clarity and quality of the sound it’s so outstanding. On top of this all sound around is blocked so you are completely immersed in what you’re listening to. I didn’t realise how good they were until a call came through my mobile and I was chatting away to my friend and walked off to set the table for dinner leaving my mobile behind .... wow, there was no interruption, no distortion and I was so far from my phone AMAZING. I’ve not had to charge them yet either !
I absolutely endorse these earbuds. One last thing, I have tiny canals in my ears and all other buds fall out, but these don’t, even with my manic dancing around the kitchen (told you I loved music) Go buy them, don’t hesitate. I bought two lots and will be buying many more for gifts, everyone should have these. Thank you.

 by Derek
Product: Pump Atom

I own everything apart from the original zeus that pump have made,and when i heard these were coming out I must admit i was very hesitant.
Im not a fan of buds and brought these on the premise of giving a set each to my kids. much as i love my kids....they can do one.
These are going to be my new goto headphones in certain circumstances.
I use to wear my zeus to the gym,and whilst they sound amazing they are just to big.
These will be my gym and walking headphones from now on.
Whilst they are loud they are not overpowering,no distortion on full volume.
So now i have my Titan for the garden,my Zeus for bed and now my Atom for exercise....just need the soundbar now

 by Jonathan Burridge
Titan delivers

How can I review this speaker?.... Since it's arrival my teenage son unboxed and paired it with his phone and has been using it daily to listen to music,TV programs and films.

He has told me that it's basically awesome,the sound is amazing with such a great response across a huge range from the deepest bass to treble.

I have managed to get hold of it for about 10 minutes. The build quality is excellent. No cheap buttons or dodgy finish. It feels a quality bit of kit. So easy to pair to my phone and the sound I can confirm is amazing.....not that I would expect anything less from Pump. There is no distortion even at full volume,bass is just stunning such depth of sound,can't think of another speaker that sounds half as good.

If you're looking for a portable speaker then don't bother looking at other inferior brands,get your hands on one of these but keep it away from your children,you could always buy two or get them an inferior one just so you have the best on the market.

 by Rance Martin
Awesome Bass Responce!
Product: Pump Titan

The Titan has awsome bass responce. I was very impressed by the sound. I actually discovered that i get more bass responce by facing theTitan away from me and, listening from the back of it. The bass is even stronger. Also, it was very easy to pair with my phone. I am very satisfied with the Titan. And, glad i got an earlybird discount.

 by Ridz
Product: Pump Titan

Pump always doesn't disappoint. Great design, amazing sound and easy to use controls. Fast connection thru Bluetooth as well, I'm so impressed and very happy! Thank you!
Much love from Singapore

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