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by Caleb B on Pump Audio
The greatest.
Product: 844

I'm not one for frivolous spending. I'm certainly not one for brand loyalty, and I have never pre-ordered anything in my life. That was, until I discovered PUMP.It's hard to write a review of any of their products without repeating what's already been said in my reviews of their goods on other websites, and that's purely because I can't help but to use every synonym for "great" when describing them in every single review.PUMP quite simply makes the best headphones in terms of sound quality and build quality. This, plus the outstanding transparency and insane deals that the company offers, have convinced me that PUMP is the premier source of good audio products. coming from someone who's never pre-ordered anything in my life, I could not wait to pre-order my own pair of PUMP ZEUS headphones. The sheer quality of PUMP's products and company has convinced me that there is not, in the entire world, a better source of audio products.

by Tim B on Pump Audio
A sensation
Product: 178

Don’t waste time reading reviews, just buy some. By a long shot my favourite headphones, fallen in love with music, audio books and anything which needs a quality speaker to enjoy. I doubt anyone will beat these so thanks for saving me a lifetime of headphone shopping also.

by Yit sun on Pump Audio
Great ear phones
Product: 176

Love these pump ear phone, I have them for a year now and has just bought some new ear plugs!! If you havent tried them yet - Why are you waiting! Go grab a pair now :)

by Barry Spooner-Barlow on Pump Audio
Product: 176

Two words.... THE BEST

by Purpug on Pump Audio
Boom Boom Boom
Product: 177

Awesome sound. Full with great bass and loud

by Miles on Pump Audio
Product: 177

Wanted some travel earphones that took up less space than my bulky headphones. These sound great and look great in orange. Definitely worth ensuring you get a good fit to the ear plugs as it makes a massive difference.

by Daniel on Pump Audio
Product: 177

These are by far the best I've ever purchased in very very happy and cannot fault them in anyway shape or form, if I could hold a note I would be singing about them all day long.... Keep up the great work people and thank you for such a great product.

by Tom on Pump Audio
Perfect service!
Product: 177

Bought my Pump V2 earphones almost 3 years ago and loved them since the first time I used them.

Last week suddenly one plug stopped playing sound and I sent a message about it to the customer service of Pump. They responded quickly and offered me a free replacement (the newer model Pump Boom while the V2 is no longer available anymore...) which already arrived today.

Perfect sound, perfect service!
Thanks from Amsterdam!

by Harvey Skipsey on Pump Audio
Product: 177

I’ve had numerous earphones from various companies, some cheap, some expensive. These are the best by far in sound terms, plus the fit is better than the rest, and they don’t tangle and have great build quality. This is my second pair, bought one for my son who is also impressed. Plus a 5 yr warranty, would be stupid not to buy them.

by Ashley on Pump Audio
Product: 844

Fantastic set of in-ear wireless headphones. I've tried a few over the years and always struggle for anything with decent quality and a bit of bass (for the gym). These arrived next day and really can't be faulted. I use a pair of Bose QC35s for flights etc but for in-ear these are brilliant. I can highly recommend.

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