Zeus to be discontinued :’-(

Adam Blair   •   February 27, 2017   •   19 Comments

Hi All,

I’m just writing to let you know that my personal favourite ever PUMP Audio product — PUMP Zeus — is to be discontinued :-(


Well, over the last 10 months — since inviting external investors to invest in the company — we’ve been gearing up to be ‘retailer friendly’.

It’s included doing such things as introducing a common “design language” to the product range, reducing the end user price down so that we’ll now be punching even further above our weight, as well as introducing new product names that are consistent with the brand.

Stuff like that.

So why are we discontinuing Zeus?

Well, first of all the name doesn’t fit with our new range (which will all be Electronic Music related names).

The name Zeus was first suggested to us by Drum n’ Bass legened Jumpin’ Jack Frost.

And I liked it so much (Zeus is the Greek God of Thunder) that we decided to go with it.

But since we got serious about being ‘retail friendly’, it no longer fits with the brand…

But we could just rename Zeus, couldn’t we?

We could.

But to my personal dismay, retail buyers just don’t like the way the product looks!

I’ll admit that Zeus does have a bit of a ‘love it’ or ‘hate it’ design, which I suppose for retailers is a big risk.

I’ve *really* pushed our sales partners to persuade retailers that they should stock Zeus because they are so incredible in terms of sound and comfort.

The sales partners have indeed presented Zeus to retailers and time and again the answer has been the same:

They agree that they sound amazing. They agree that they are incredibly comfortable. They agree that they perform way above their price range. But they don’t want to stock them.

Quite understandably, retailers need to stock products on their shelves that they believe will sell in high volume rather than ones that they know are incredibly good, but are unsure will sell.

For this reason alone, we’ve taken the decision to discontinue Zeus.

I have to say it feels wrong to me. But from a business point of view, all signs point to it being the right thing to do.

We will develop another model to replace Zeus which will have the same qualities but looks acceptable to retail buyers. However realistically the absolute soonest this could happen would be a year from now.

More soon…

All the best,



  1. Michael   •   27/02/2017   •   

    Hi Adam,

    Sorry to hear about that.
    On a slightly unrelated note, how do you real with patent problems? I’m sure various things you use will infringe some of the millions of patents out there. Or have you licenced from a large manufacturer?

    Kind Regards, Michael.

    1. admin   •   27/02/2017   •   

      Hi Michael, feel free to drop us an email on this.

  2. Jayme   •   27/02/2017   •   

    Shame.. still use mine daily :'(

  3. Doris   •   27/02/2017   •   

    What happens to the money people invested about a year ago then

    1. admin   •   27/02/2017   •   

      Hi Doris, it’s just the Zeus product that’s being discontinued, not the company :-)

      We’ve developed a whole new range of headphones, the next of which will be launching in the next few weeks.

  4. Jim   •   27/02/2017   •   

    I just had to ask….£70 off of, ‘how much’?

    1. admin   •   27/02/2017   •   

      Hi Jim

      The usual MSRP for Zeus is £199 so the promotion will be at £129 / $159US.

  5. Michael Dixon   •   27/02/2017   •   

    This might sound like a great business move but, in my opinion, it is not. Yes, everyone wants earbuds nowadays but the true audiophile recognizes the quality of the Zeus headphones. This product is what set you apart from the rest. Because of the Zeus headphones, I bought the Pump Mix earbuds. Although the Mix were good, they do not compare with the Zeus Headphones. Without Zeus or a similar product, I do not see any need to buy from you at this time. I love the Zeus headphones. The Mix do not do much for me. I can buy similar products all over the Internet. But the Zeus headphones are unique with not just sound quality but also comfort. I think the path you are going will end differently than you hope.

    1. admin   •   27/02/2017   •   

      Hi Michael

      I understand you’re perspective, although I have to strongly disagree with your point on MIX. The sound is way beyond any other IEMs we’ve come across. Can I suggest you try some different earbud sizes? Using the right size can make a huge difference.


  6. Mile   •   27/02/2017   •   

    Guess that’s end of the investment with seeders I wondered why I didn’t see any in retail shops

    1. admin   •   27/02/2017   •   

      Hi there,

      We are only discontinuing PUMP Zeus, if you are an investor your investment is safe! PUMP lives on :-) We are releasing the next phase of our new range soon!


  7. Andy   •   27/02/2017   •   

    To be honest, I am encouraged by your announcement. I think your assessment of Zeus is accurate (I have a pair). When I received mine, my immediate reaction was that their look and feel were disappointing. No issue with sound quality, but first impressions are a massive factor in this market. I think you are doing the right thing, and it is a brave move. The fact you are facing facts, making the decision and moving on is great news. Much better than overcommitting to an idea than ultimately drags you down. Well done and good luck!

    1. admin   •   27/02/2017   •   

      Thanks Andy,

      We make a point of using any feedback we are given by both PUMP users & buyers/retailers alike, we believe strongly in listening to all opinions and learning from them! Our future product developments depend strongly on user opinions.

      At the end of the day we are all about Sound.. above all else!


  8. Robert Hagan   •   27/02/2017   •   

    Hang in there Adam,
    Just be careful not to let the pencil pushers talk you into making a product that looks so much like everyone else’s that you’ll be lumped in with a huge market of look-alike’s. If your product doesn’t look any different than the “big boys” people might buy the more promoted established names without ever trying yours. The big name boys like Sony might even encourage retailers to do that.
    Even a blind squirrel can find a nut if he keeps on looking. There must be one key guy you can find with a major retailer who will love your unique looking Zeus. You only need one good retailer who knows how to market and manage a unique looking product like yours to get it off the ground. Once it takes off the rest of the retailers will be begging you for it!
    I know personally, I bought your product BECAUSE it was different looking. No one has EVER said a word about them looking strange, they have only been impressed with the sound and comfort
    . Why don’t you consider upgrading Zeus’s quality and wear design so they could be used professionally by musician’s on stage for performance purposes? Musician’s like me are always looking for something high quality that gives them a different look. I bought your Titans thinking I could use them on stage but they couldn’t handle my bass guitar’s frequencies. I had to go with a more expensive quality product which handle the sound of professional instruments and stay on better because of the over the ear wires. I use the Titans for regular stereo devices like tape recorders, etc.
    Good luck with your journey.

    Robert Ossem (AKA: Awesome Bob ) Hagan

  9. Drw   •   27/02/2017   •   

    Shame to hear as so think they are a great product and I like the look and feel of them but I agree from a company product you have to do what you have to do.

    I look forward to seeing their replacements next year and probably adding a set to my Pump collection.

  10. Birgit Fienemann   •   27/02/2017   •   

    Very sad news! I don’t understand what people fuzz about the design :(

  11. Simon Shorland   •   28/02/2017   •   

    If my Zeus stop working, will I be able to get them repaired?
    How long before they become collector items?

    1. admin   •   28/02/2017   •   

      Hi Simon,

      We will always honour warranty issues regardless of the discontinuation, i’m sure they’ll become a collectors item soon! :-)


  12. adrian gott   •   19/01/2018   •   

    Hi Adam i love the pump Zeus do you still have any for sale

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