Zeus “V3”: The Plan!

Dear All,

It looks like we might be pre-launching Zeus “V3” as early as this week!

We’ve ironed out all the design changes we want to make with the factory and we’re building the pre-launch page as we speak.

Pre-Sale Deal:

The “pre-sale” deal will only be available to Friends of PUMP.

That means you need to be on our email list to get the deal – it won’t be publicly advertised on the site!

The pre-sale deal will allow you to get Zeus “V3” at a huge discount in return for pre-ordering.

This discount, combined with the already much more aggressive retail price of V3, will mean that Zeus will be *WAY* cheaper than they’ve ever been before.

Sneak Preview…

Zeus V3 will sound just as incredible as V2, but look and feel more “high-end”:

Here’s the Highlights…

>> TWO brand new colours;

>> Revamped control buttons (colour and feel);

>> New thinner ear pads;

>> Spare ear pads;

>> All writing (ON / OFF / VOL+ etc.) removed;

>> Massively reduced price for the pre-sale!

The result is a much more high-end looking set of headphones — even though they’re going to be much cheaper in the pre-sale!

With the design changes, Zeus will now have a much more sophisticated look, while still sounding incredible.

When you combine these changes with the big price reduction, I don’t think anyone’s going to be able to dispute that these will be the Worlds’ best value headphones!

Exciting times…

P.S. As soon as we’re ready to go live, I’ll drop you an email. There will be a limited number available in the pre-sale so I suggest being quick :-)