“Zeus V4” — Sneak Peek!

Dear All,

I’m excited to reveal the first ever pictures of the yet to be named replacement for PUMP Zeus!

Keep in mind that this is probably not the final colour scheme.

We’re waiting on the latest samples in different shades of grey and also black…

99% of the technical work has been done — it’s now mostly about aesthetics :-)

First Ever Pics of “Zeus V4”!




We’re just waiting for the other colour options to arrive from the factory.

We’ll then choose the final colour scheme in consultation with Users — as well as selecting the winning name — and then get the pre-launch live as quickly as possible!

Keep your eyes peeled for more info very soon…

Keep it PUMPed!



  1. Shabaz Ahmed   •   19/04/2021   •   

    So when are these expected to be released?

    1. Adam Blair   •   17/05/2021   •   

      Hi Shabaz, we’ve been a little delayed but news will follow very soon!

  2. Mr James samme   •   04/03/2021   •   

    No picture of the inside, is that an oversight or secret?

  3. Adam P   •   03/03/2021   •   

    Wow excellent stuff
    Cannot wait for mine. .

  4. Terence Kehoe   •   02/03/2021   •   

    I know it is difficult but without the large name “Pump” on the sides they would not be instantly recognisable.

  5. Eddie Brown   •   02/03/2021   •   

    My V3’s are great but never really fitted my ears comfortably because of the squared design. I hope these resolve that issue.

  6. Jason Watson   •   02/03/2021   •   

    Oh, very nice! If they could just extend a little more on the sides to accommodate a larger head, that’d be awesome! My V1s and V2s are just that bit too short on the sides, so they don’t sit quite right on my head, but it’s a small price to pay for such incredible sound. :)

  7. Brian Smith   •   02/03/2021   •   

    Are they just for music or can I watch and listen to tv with them , I’ve Sony 5-1 stereo surround at the moment but had them
    9 years now .

  8. Stan Koupparis   •   02/03/2021   •   

    Looking good. I like the colour combo.

  9. RobH   •   02/03/2021   •   

    Very impressive. A mature extension of the Zeus lineage that doesn’t need to shout. Grey with (preferably matt) black spells quiet competence. Looks matter, but the sound matters more.

  10. David   •   02/03/2021   •   

    Adam. I really need the Talex camera detector. Any news?

    1. Adam Blair   •   02/03/2021   •   

      Hi David, updates at talex.co.uk

  11. Jon Vamplew   •   02/03/2021   •   

    What can be said but – wow if they sound as good as they look they will be awesome!

  12. Barry   •   02/03/2021   •   

    Absolutely love them!!! Don’t get me wrong the V1 &V2 ARE amazing but needed a facelift and now they have that AND you say the sound is modified then I cannot wait to get a pair!!! FANTASTIC!!!

  13. Pedja   •   02/03/2021   •   

    Nice colour combo.I would not change that.

  14. Surespirit   •   02/03/2021   •   

    Please steer clear of brighter colours as all of my orange products look washed out now.

  15. Phill Warren   •   02/03/2021   •   

    Hi Adam, I’m a long time Pump supporter from the very first Kickstarter launch. I own multiple sets of pump, duo, mix, Zeus and now your latest TWS buds are my current go-to listening choice. As much as I love my V1 & V3 Zeus, I always felt that the controls on the right ear felt a bit plastic-y and not as high end as the rest of the construction. Does the new version correct that?

    1. Adam Blair   •   02/03/2021   •   

      Hi Phil. In a word, yes :-) Cheers, Adam

  16. Chris   •   02/03/2021   •   

    Need! I hope the plastic on the sides is less prone to cracking though, my v2 (and v1’s!) have sadly not stood the test of time on the wear department (still sound incredible though)

  17. Michael Morrow   •   02/03/2021   •   

    They’re looking good

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