Zeus “V4” Name Finalists!

Hi All,

We’ve had a mildly frustrating January waiting for the latest prototype of “Zeus V4” to arrive.

It’s got some minor sound changes from the previous sample, as well as some cosmetic changes that we wanted to see ‘in the flesh’ before committing to…

Of course everything in the World (apart from Amazon it seems!) is moving at a snails pace at the moment and combined with Chinese New Year, getting the latest prototype through is taking what feels like an age!

Anyway, now that CNY has finished things will speed up a lot :-)

In the mean time, here are the finalists we liked the most for the “Zeus V4” naming competition…

“Zeus V4” Naming Competition Shortlist:

(suggested by Dan, Anthony, Tracey, Adam)

(suggested by Pedja)

(suggested by Stan, Simon, Lee, Mandeep, Geoff)

ZEUS α (Alpha)
(suggested by Kelvin, Daniel)

Zeus Δ (Delta)
(suggested by Matt)

(suggested by Dave, Barry)

(suggested by Monique)

Zeus V4 ANC
(suggested by Rob)

There were many other great suggestions, but these were our personal favorites here at PUMP HQ :-)

Pictures of “Zeus V4”..?

In December, James and I (I was mostly getting in the way to be fair) did a photoshoot with the latest prototype of “Zeus V4″…

I’ve been torn on whether to release the photos or not, because the aesthetics will almost certainly change for the final version.

So can you tell me — would you like to see some of the images we shot in December, or would you prefer to wait until we have the final version?

If enough people want to see the pre-pre-production sample, I’ll release the pics :-)

Let me know in the comments below!

Keep it PUMPed,



  1. Adam P   •   18/02/2021   •   

    Would lurve to see the images

  2. adam   •   16/02/2021   •   

    Yes please – be great to see

  3. Chris Lynch   •   16/02/2021   •   

    I’ve seen a few suggestions for Apollo as the son of Zuse, but there are other sons available too – you even have to ask, does it have to be male if we get the right name, but you could go the other way and call it Kronos, his father!?
    That said there are lots of choices from both Roman and Greek names of the various gods and Demi-Gods – get a list (maybe with the family tree too because the name might sound good but if it’s a the third cousin of a 3rd generation Demi-gods half brother, then you’ve obviously strayed too far from the original reason you chose Zuse (as the principal god).
    Just a thought but the messenger god fits the function (and is also a top tier god and son of Zuse) and if you don’t like Hermes (not helped by the shipping company who chose it for obvious reasons but you could use Mercury instead). Just a suggestion – if it was something I was actually directly involved in myself if I wanted to change from Zuse with some sort of suffix I’d just study the options from both Greek and Roman options (if you stick with Zuse and don’t use 4, then I think there’s an implication it’s just an upgrade on Zuse 3) I always thought the choice by Apple to use the ‘s’ suffix was a bad call because it doesn’t suggest a significant change and what do you know, they don’t do it any more! Call it zuse 4 and it’s a new model of the Zuse line, give it a new name and it might be a Zuse 4 in reality but it could also be interpreted as a brand new concept.

  4. Aliina Atkinson   •   16/02/2021   •   

    Zeus Apollo sounds wicked ;)

    Keep up the good work guys – still using my pump audio earphones!!

  5. Karen Gill   •   16/02/2021   •   

    Doughnut yes please X

  6. Alec   •   16/02/2021   •   

    The first one on the list “Aurrus” is a bit obscure, as virtually nothing comes up on a Google search for that name, but if it’s meant to be “Aurras” the Goddess of Sound, then I think that would be a perfect name to complement “Zeus”.

  7. Christopher Jones   •   15/02/2021   •   

    would love a pic

  8. Dan   •   15/02/2021   •   

    Yes Please

  9. John   •   15/02/2021   •   

    Apollo –

  10. John   •   15/02/2021   •   

    Apollo – a natural successor

  11. Kyle   •   15/02/2021   •   

    Yes please!

  12. Jon Vamplew   •   15/02/2021   •   

    I think you should be adventurous for the name – Paranimo which is Latin for Matching of Minds

  13. YediydeYah Allen   •   15/02/2021   •   

    Yes, it would be nice to see the pre-production images as it would show how the product has evolved from concept to pre-production to the final release.

  14. Thomas   •   15/02/2021   •   

    I shouldn’t think releasing more photos could do any harm if there not the finished product

  15. Tony Oakley   •   15/02/2021   •   

    Adam.when will see the final talex and delivery dates I for one don’t use headphones

    1. Adam Blair   •   15/02/2021   •   

      Hi Tony, check out updates at talex.co.uk

  16. Chris   •   15/02/2021   •   

    I also think Apollo would be a good name – as one of the sons of Zeus it’s a nice fit.

  17. Robert Kapernick   •   15/02/2021   •   


  18. Stan   •   15/02/2021   •   

    I’d like to see more image of the headphones!

  19. John Halliday   •   15/02/2021   •   


  20. Lee Jones   •   15/02/2021   •   

    I don’t have children but I imagine this is like trying to decide if you want to know your baby’s sex before it’s born or not

  21. Stan Koupparis   •   15/02/2021   •   

    I think I prefer to see the final cut!

  22. Derek   •   15/02/2021   •   

    I would love to see the pictures now….even if the majority say wait I’m up for you emailing me personally with them…..I own all but 2 pump products and I’m sure I’m going to own a couple of these as well

  23. Derel   •   15/02/2021   •   

    I would love to see the pictures now….even if the majority say wait I’m up for you emailing me personally with them…..I own all but 2 pump products and I’m sure I’m going to own a couple of these as well

  24. Tony   •   15/02/2021   •   

    Yes please.

  25. Sme   •   15/02/2021   •   

    EROS….The God of love and affection!

  26. Malcolm Elliott   •   15/02/2021   •   

    Any news on the latest Talex

    1. Adam Blair   •   15/02/2021   •   

      Hi Malcolm, have you seen latest update on TALEX home page? Very close now! :-)

  27. Timothy Hay   •   15/02/2021   •   

    Pics Please. :D

  28. Bryan Pickin   •   15/02/2021   •   

    Yes let’s see the evolution!

  29. Dave   •   15/02/2021   •   

    I could wait until the official launch

  30. Glenn   •   15/02/2021   •   

    If there definitely are going to be aesthetical changes for the final production model then I would rather wait until the final production model has been ‘signed, sealed, and delivered’ as it were.

  31. Peter   •   15/02/2021   •   

    Like to see !

  32. Barry   •   15/02/2021   •   

    Yes please!!! :)

  33. Ignacio Gomez   •   15/02/2021   •   

    Apolo it’s a good name

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