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We started by creating Amazing Bass, and then tuned the mids and highs to what we think is perfection. With many top-end headphones, you have to turn the volume up too high to really get the bass you want, because they are very 'mid-range heavy'. And then the highs are too harsh for dance / electronic music. We tuned PUMP specifically for lovers of Electronic and Dance Music, although they sound pretty incredible with ALL genres according to Customer reviews and Artist reviews!

by Robin Lapper on Pump Audio
Product: 177

Got these to try and hear all the beats properly on the new Jon Hopkins record. Beats are as deep as I've heard since the last Leftfield beats.

Can report they made so much difference. I have some generation one parrot zik Bluetooth headphones too. These can't match the depth of the books and without noise cancelling you don't get your ears sucked out.

My only problem was I found that my lugholes were somewhere between the medium and large earbuds size and switching to a Sony earbuds which were noticeably thinner didn't give as good depth in sound. Invested in some large pump memory foam buds and they solved my problem. May also give the forthcoming sport buds a go too.

Overall highly recommended.

by peter on Pump Audio
pump up your tyres
Product: 844

pump does it again just would you thought earphones couldn"t get any better, pump give us the best sound you have ever experienced, pump up your tyres and get the lastest earphones from pump

by Sake on Pump Audio
Best earphones ever
Product: 177

Just 1 word... Perfect
I have beats but they are stuck and i would buy somting different.
Best earphones ever. BASS is ridiculous and yes iam a bassjunkie ;)

by Pete on Pump Audio
Cracking good idea and sound
Product: 844

What a cracking good idea to make earphones that can be both wired and wireless. I had to try them out and was very pleased I did. Orange of course for the more flamboyant user !! Awesome sound with my dance music playlists and darned good with everything else too. If you prefer top quality sound plus great features instead of sticking to a me too brand, the Mix Duo should be your first choice.

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