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We started by creating Amazing Bass, and then tuned the mids and highs to what we think is perfection. With many top-end headphones, you have to turn the volume up too high to really get the bass you want, because they are too 'mid-range heavy'. And then the highs are too harsh for dance / electronic music. We tuned PUMP specifically for lovers of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), although they sound pretty incredible with ALL genres according to Customer reviews and Artist reviews!

Pump Audio Earphones are made of high quality aluminium

Aluminium Construction

Weighing under 15g

PUMP Audio Earphones have an inline microphone which works with iPhone, Android and Windows

In-line Microphone

Compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows

You can order your Pump Audio Earphones with large or regular earbuds

5 Earbud Sizes

For small or regular/large ear canals. All sizes have been especially tuned for maximum bass


PUMP make one model of in ear headphone. We think they are the best earphones in the world, especially if you love Dance music. We have taken the decision not to become a fashion company. One Style. Mindblowing Sound.

Beautiful Design

Beautiful Design

They look almost as good as they sound.

Amazing Quality

Amazing Quality

You simply won’t believe the sound quality. They don’t just sound good, they sound incredible.

Pump Audio Earphones Specifications

Driver Size: 9.2mm
Frequency Range: 16 hz – 24000 hz
Sensitivity: 102 dB (+/- 3dB)
Impedance: 18 ohms
Complete Noise Isolation
Specially tuned silicone earbuds for small or regular/large ear canals
3 sizes of Memory Foam earbuds (S, M, L)
Specially Custom Tuned Drivers
Weight: <15g
3.5mm Gold Connector Jack
In Line Microphone
Water Resistant
Aluminium Casing
PUMP Clamshell Carry Case
5 Year PUMP Full Replacement Warranty*

* as standard your PUMPs come with a 1 year warranty. To upgrade it to 5 years (for free), click here.

by Matt on Pump Audio
Blew Me Away

Over the years I have used a variety of in ear and over ear headphones. Bose being the most frequently used headphones of mine. Let me tell you, these shiny in ear headphones sound crisper, punchier and overall more well balanced than any over ear, or in ear Bose headphone I've used. I even for a time was surprised with the sound quality out of the Apple EarPods, and these definitely kill those.  Aside from the amazing, clear, punchy, balanced sound, the noise isolation is straight up amazing! The first in ear headphones I've used that could isolate sound so well without spending half a thousand dollars on in ear monitors. They're able to isolate the rumbling sound of my Harley, and the road/wind noise good enough that I can listen to a quiet audiobook while on the road. I was hoping for excellence, and man did Pump Audio deliver, you guys just made another happy loyal customer. Keep it up!

by Barry on Pump Audio
There is no better brand of earphones and headphones

I could go on all day bigging up Pump Audio's products but I'll make it brief...The V2 Earphones...There is SO much depth and detail. I have no idea where this amount of clear undistorted bass comes from as the earpods are so light. The balance is perfect, when the bass is thumping you can here the high frequencies perfectly, clearer than you would have experienced before with ANY earphones. The earpods feel very light but also very high quality, the clever way the flat cables come out of the pods and jack ensure it doesn't work loose like so many other brands do. I've had them since they were first on sale and they are like the day I first used them. Whatever music you listen to they sound amazing. And at the price they are amazing value, better sound than earphones that cost 3 times as much.The Pump Pure's...These on-ear headphones oose comfort and sound quality. The bass is fantastic and high and midrange is so clear. After you've been wearing them for a bit they are so comfortable that they become part of you and you almost forget you've got them on! I have tested these against many other brands (Sony, bose, b&o) and it makes you appreciate them even more!Pump Zeus...Now for the big ones.. What can I say, there is NO BIGGER BETTER BANGING CLEARER POWERFUL sound as there is from these bad boys. They are extremely comfortable and sit very nicely round your neck. At 50-75% volume they are incredible, as clear and crisp a sound you'll ever hear. Then when you turn them up they turn into a whole new monster. THIS is where they excel. THIS is what makes them WAY better than beats etc. I can't help but smile as I go through my dance tunes to see what each one sounds like as I've NEVER heard them like this before, and I've owned a lot of over-ear headphones too. You really have to hear them to experience this. Pump have got it spot on and when they say they've made the best headphones in the world they REALLY have. See for yourself.I NEVER write reviews, but these products TOTALLY deserve it.

by Caleb B on Pump Audio
V2s are amazinng

These pump is truly sets the bar for quality. I've had a few sets of beats including: solo2, studios, and pros. I've listened to many different types of earphones but these truly set the bar. Other earphones need to really step up there game because Pump Audio is really showing what it means when it comes down to quality for the right price.

by Fran on Pump Audio
Pumped-up Pumps Pure

The Pump PURE is most definitely a sound product I’m gonna like to have. The bass is well balanced and feels great, the PURE just goes where needed without doing too much out of the bass buzz, and, where some other brands would push it hard, PURE leaves room for more.There are truly sounds I would have never picked in some songs or musical piece. The sound is clean, its definition works great, especially with electronic music genres. Don’t get me wrong it does great with rock, indie too, and that, I like! I only tried on one piece of classical style (game soundtrack from youtube, HQ) and I want to give it a proper run on more appropriate devices and support, but it still defines sounds brilliantly.One thing I like, you can push them into high volumes without increased noise, the quality is still strong in my opinion.I’m not usually the type of On-Ear headphones and would usually go for Over-the-ear headphones or In-Ear to avoid the burning effect after long listen sessions, but the PURE is a comfy piece of work, and – for me and my ears – despite the earcups being perfectible. Had the earcups swivel it would have been the perfect match.Overall, not regretting the purchase, great stuff there! :)

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