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We started by creating Amazing Bass, and then tuned the mids and highs to what we think is perfection. With many top-end headphones, you have to turn the volume up too high to really get the bass you want, because they are very 'mid-range heavy'. And then the highs are too harsh for dance / electronic music. We tuned PUMP specifically for lovers of Electronic and Dance Music, although they sound pretty incredible with ALL genres according to Customer reviews and Artist reviews!

by Carson Erdman on Pump Audio
Very Good Only 1 Flaw
Product: 178

Hi I have enjoyed my Mix earphones so far. They look great, sound great and come with tons of accessories. I ordered them to Canada and had no issues with shipping.The only defect with my particular Mix earphones is that if I ever shake the In-Line Mic and Volume control, the volume increases by 1. This isn't that bad of an issue until I used them while I was running. About every 20 steps the volume increases to the point where they get incredibly loud. I'm sure it's just my set of Mix's and I thought about sending them back, however, I live in Canada so I don't want to wait for the shipping. I use them every day and have no other issues or complaints. The memory foam tips are great.Other than this defect the earphones have been awesome! The sound is truly great. My rating would be 5/5 had this defect not occurred.

Hi Carson,

We have contacted you to rectify your faulty earphones. Please check your email

by MD on Pump Audio
At last a great pair of earbuds
Product: 177

Was told about these by a friend and decided to try them as fed up with spending money on all types of earbuds that did not fit and did not sound that great. Great find - I listen to all sorts of music especially classical and the range is great even though they are marketed for pop the sound is fantastic and a great range. And they stay in my ear when doing my daily long walk which is when I listen to music. Well done - happy to advertise an excellent product at great value

by Stal on Pump Audio
Product: 177

The best. Was a bit weary due to the really good price but these beat everything else and also a full money back guarantee if you don't think so!

by Barry Wilson on Pump Audio
Product: 181

Followed the initial launch and was intrigued by the user reports of how good they were, so i went for some. One word....WOW! Unbelievable performance and response from phones so small. Highly recommended. If you like music real deep, you really need these. Wicked!!! I mean wick-ed!

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