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We started by creating Amazing Bass, and then tuned the mids and highs to what we think is perfection. With many top-end headphones, you have to turn the volume up too high to really get the bass you want, because they are very 'mid-range heavy'. And then the highs are too harsh for dance / electronic music. We tuned PUMP specifically for lovers of Electronic and Dance Music, although they sound pretty incredible with ALL genres according to Customer reviews and Artist reviews!

by AB on Pump Audio
Product: 176

Decided to take the plunge after reading about Pump Audio and after trying multiple cheap and expensive earbuds. The sound quality is amazing with the right amount of bass. Still to try them in the gym but I am sure they would not disappoint me.The cable is pretty light and doesn't bother while dangling. The extended warranty and trial period seem to extend my confidence in the quality of the earphones. So far I have to say I am impressed.

by John Hutchins on Pump Audio
Product: 181

I don't claim to be an expert in the sound world but I know that all the items from pump audio are the absolute best that I have ever used. The range is quite fantastic and the deep bass is awesome. I hope you try these out and you will not be disappointed. I have the orange version and they look greatI have never been disappointed with pump audio, long may they continue to beat All opposition. Love, love, love tjem

by Gary Swan on Pump Audio
Product: 176

I'm not really one for doing reviews but having experienced the new wireless earphones from Pump Audio i simply had to comment on how blown away i am with them. This is my 3rd different pair from Pump but wanted to try wireless ones for doing cardio at the gym due to having less cable swinging about and was blown away with how perfect they are, I do like a bit techno house on the treadmill and Pump absolutely deliver the sound i've come to expect but it was even better with the clarity/bass phenominal and as I prefer the foam buds they never fell out my ears once during my 7k run regardless of the sweat pouring off me. So no cable dangling about, amazing sound and earbuds the fit & stay in perfectly.....can't recommend these enough - delighted with my purchase!! Will also leave a review on Amazon.

by Hanne Utby on Pump Audio
Product: 176

Just love my Pumps. Really great product, awesome quality, and great design. Amazing sound. Comes with a handy box for when you go around or they are not in use, and different earplugs to fit any ears. Love them so much I have even bought several extras as Christmas presents. Have three different designs and can't get enough of pump

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