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We started by creating Amazing Bass, and then tuned the mids and highs to what we think is perfection. With many top-end headphones, you have to turn the volume up too high to really get the bass you want, because they are very 'mid-range heavy'. And then the highs are too harsh for dance / electronic music. We tuned PUMP specifically for lovers of Electronic and Dance Music, although they sound pretty incredible with ALL genres according to Customer reviews and Artist reviews!

Pump Audio Earphones are made of high quality aluminium

Aluminium Construction

Weighing under 15g

PUMP Audio Earphones have an inline microphone which works with iPhone, Android and Windows

In-line Microphone

Compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows

You can order your Pump Audio Earphones with large or regular earbuds

5 Earbud Sizes

For small or regular/large ear canals. All sizes have been especially tuned for maximum bass


PUMP make one model of in ear headphone. We think they are the best earphones in the world, especially if you love Dance music. We have taken the decision not to become a fashion company. One Style. Mindblowing Sound.

Beautiful Design

Beautiful Design

They look almost as good as they sound.

Amazing Quality

Amazing Quality

You simply won’t believe the sound quality. They don’t just sound good, they sound incredible.

Pump Audio Earphones Specifications

Driver Size: 9.2mm
Frequency Range: 16 hz – 24000 hz
Sensitivity: 102 dB (+/- 3dB)
Impedance: 18 ohms
Passive Noise Isolation
Specially tuned silicone earbuds for small or regular/large ear canals
3 sizes of Memory Foam earbuds (S, M, L)
Specially Custom Tuned Drivers
Weight: <15g
3.5mm Gold Connector Jack
In Line Microphone
Water Resistant
Aluminium Casing
PUMP Clamshell Carry Case
5 Year PUMPreplace Warranty*

* as standard your PUMPs come with a 2 year warranty. To upgrade it to a 5 year PUMPreplace Warranty (for free!), click here.

by Geoffrey on Pump Audio

Excellent sound system clear sounding music makes you want to listen to more and more

by Ian on Pump Audio
Mix - really rather good!

The packaging, accessories, presentation & instructions are to the very high standard I have found in my previous Pump purchases. Excellent.I love the sound quality and ease of use, it took just a few seconds to have up and running. The first track I decided to listen to? Donna Summer's 'I feel love' from the pop-tastic '70s! The best have heard it played in nearly 40 years. Now moving on through my playlists, this will keep me entertained for a few hours. A brilliant Pump product - easy to use, comfortable and an absolute joy to listen to. Thank you.

by Vera on Pump Audio
Mix Wireless

Just got mine yesterday. Great packaging, love the vibrant but not cheapy orange color. I've no problem with Bluetooth connection, initial pairing is also easy. Battery life is good. ..and the BASS, oh I'm IN LOVE with the bass! Many say that wireless won't be as good as wired but I'm leaving my AT Solid Bass, even my Sony 90EX. This is definitely my FIRST choice for my ears.Well done team!

by Parimal Patel on Pump Audio
Good but a little improvement needed

Just received my Pump MIX earphones two weeks ago, the sound is the best ever with bass is just a right balance. I would recommend the Pump MIX earphones to my family and friends. The sound on the mix wireless is simply amazing also when connected to the mobile phone. But one slight thing can be improved is that the cable is little bit short for collar size 19”!!! If that can be added by 2-3 inches will be brilliant. Or you have sizes such as a Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large so that buyer can select which size will be the proper fit their neckline...

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